A Quality Bag for a Quality Achievement!

When setting out to create our Letterman Bag, quality was our highest priority!  Your students will be putting achievements on our bags that they put their time, sweat, tears and talents into achieving.  Our bags were designed by parents who also have the experience of buying several backpacks a year only to have to them break or tear.  As parents of several high school students, we know how much they carry in their bags, which is why we were determined to create a bag that will last…yes, this does come at a higher cost.  Ask yourself, “Would you rather buy one of the thousands of cheap bags on the market or pay a little extra for a Letterman Bag that will showcase their achievements and last as a memento after graduation?”  

The Letterman Bag is a showcase that celebrates your student…not our company, which is why you will   find our company name only on the inside of the bag.  Finally, we believe in American-made, after all, displaying the varsity letter is an American Tradition.  Yes, we know that also comes at a higher cost, but at the end of the day, we get to see firsthand the quality that is going out to our customers.  We chose to not go overseas for cheap labor just to make an extra buck.    

Our bags are made of 8 sqft of genuine leather, melton wool and a sturdy interior lining with our signature rib knit.  The Letterman Bag (not your ordinary backpack!) can be personally customized with your Varsity letter, monogramming, logos, patches and pins to celebrate your students hard work.   

Our company priorities:  

-First, is our Quality.  Here at Letterman Bags by VarC, you can expect that our Letterman Bag quality will be no less than the best performance and best effort your student put into earning their Varsity letter.  Never settle for less!

-Second, is our desire to celebrate the Achievements of YOUR student!  A bag created for your student to proudly display their achievements.  People ask us, “why don’t you put your company name on the outside of the bag?”  Our answer – this bag is about the student and not about us!  

- Made in America.   American traditions should be carried on in the good ol’ US of A.

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