Our Story

Every Fall, Winter and Spring, high schools and colleges across the nation set out to organize formal banquets to formally recognize the memories, the hard work, and the hard-earned achievements of student athletes. The ultimate achievement is the prestigious varsity letter, the coveted award presented to students who have competed at the at the varsity level. For nearly two centuries, the varsity letter has been the national symbol of excellence in competition, while also serving as a source of inspiration for countless others.   

Letterman Bags by VarC offers a new kind of showcase for the hard earned varsity letter - the Letterman Bag!  Our highest quality bags have been introduced at numerous high school and collegiate forums across the nation, to include the premier National Athletic Director's Association symposium held in Washington D.C. 

Coming in all the same color combinations as the traditional varsity letterman jackets, our bags are suitable for embroidering, personalization, and of course, adding patches and pins.  Finally, a new alternative for students who would like to showcase their varsity letters, their school colors, and their accomplishments!  And with no sizing requirements, our bags can be shipped to your front door in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. Made the USA, our bags are designed and tested to last for years (compared to most ordinary backpacks).   

Finally - a practical, high quality showcase for those who earned their spot on the team - the useful alternative for those who rose to the occasion to compete at the highest levels of competition.     

Our high class team remains committed to answering any questions that customers might have, and we gladly work with schools for both individual and team orders.  Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly introduce to you, the revolutionary Letterman Bag!