Letterman Bag vs. Letterman Jacket - Let's Compare

He or she worked for months, even years, to finally earn that coveted varsity letter.  We have three options:  1) Order a Jacket, 2) Order a Bag, or 3) Do nothing.  OK, so scratch that - only two options.

Three times per year (Fall, Winter and Spring), schools formally recognize students and teams who represented the school at the highest level of competition--the Varsity level!  Students dress in their best, and then walk across the stage to be handed their very own varsity letter - one that was earned and not just given.  The night ends with applaud and smiles, and some recalling of the season's memories.

And then the next day happens.  The questions typically go like this:  What do I do now?  How can we show him/her how proud we are of their accomplishment?  We know that throwing it in a drawer is obviously not the right answer.  So we visit a couple Letterman Jacket sites, realize they've fallen out of style, or the prices are sky high, and then we just give up. 

Unfortunately, this is exactly the scenario happening in households across the nation, for way too long.  For the first time in American history, the varsity letter tradition, to proudly display the prestigious Varsity Letter that was earned, is hovering on the edge of extinction. Even in cases where a student has lettered multiple times, their varsity letters, pins and patches end up taped to mirrors or thrown in some dark corner of a room - in both cases, collecting dust.  

But wait!  Didn't that student just walk across a stage and get handed a Varsity Letter?  Weren't those memories formed throughout the season worth something?  Wasn't that last second buzzer-beater something to be celebrated, beyond just the short-lived eruption of the crowd and the turning off of the stadium lights? 

Fortunately, we now have a new option to display that varsity letter - a Letterman Bag!  A practical alternative to the Letterman Jacket, the Letterman Bag is made of all the same sturdy materials, comes in all the school colors, and can be embroidered and easly accommodate patches and pins.  A bag that is perfectly suited to sew on the school's own, uniquely designed, varstiy letter.  

After making its debut at the most recent National Athletic Director's Association Conference in Washington, D.C., the Letterman Bag has now found itself into school hallways across the nation -- across 45 states (and counting!).  For those who've ordered one, the bag is immediately recognized for its large size, its durability, and its bold colors.  It's also cherished because it's actually being used, vs an expensive jacket that, for too many, just hangs neatly in a closet for years.    For those who haven't yet ordered, we have compiled a list of comparisons below to hopefully answer questions.  Now you have a choice…the Letterman Bag or the Letterman Jacket.  Doing nothing is not an option.  Which will you choose?


(++) Built to last  (++) Built to last 
(++) Easily personalized with pins, patches and school logos (++) Easily personalized with pins and patches

(++) Convenient One-Size-Fits-All        (7-10 day turn-around time)

(--) Exact measurements required (6-8 week turn-around time)
(++) Used year-round – all seasons    (--) Cannot be comfortably worn year-round
(++) Everyone always needs a bag 
(++) Made in the U.S.A  (--) Most made made overseas
 (++) Lower cost ($190+)   (--) Higher cost ($400+)
(--) Doesn’t keep you warm  

Those are just a few of the most important pros/cons.  But ultimately, it comes down to which one makes more sense for you and your student!  They’ve put in the work, so now there is a new option available as the perfect showcase.

The worst case would be to do nothing at all with their Varsity letter.  These are their accomplishments, their memories—and of course, our memories as well!  Memories that should be cherished for a lifetime!

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