Pros and Cons of a Letterman Bag vs. Letterman Jacket

Decisions, decisions!  They’ve worked hard for months, even years, to achieve their Varsity letter and the day has finally come!  Now you have to decide what you will do with the prestigious Varsity letter that your student has achieved?  Unfortunately, some students have forgotten the distinct Honor that comes with such an award…I’ll even go as far as saying some parents, schools and athletic directors have as well.  Several Athletic directors have mentioned that they no longer hand them out due to letters being left on the table after the award banquets.  The Letterman tradition can only be carried on by those who truly appreciate the significance, and the importance, of the momentous and long standing Varsity award.

Now you have a choice…the Letterman Bag or the Letterman Jacket.  Which will you choose?


The Bag vs. The Jacket
Pros: Pros:
Built to last  Built to last 
Can be personalized with pins and patches Can be personalized with pins and patches
No inconvenient sizing involved - one size fits all Keeps you warm in winter months
Can be used year-round – all seasons    Cons:
Quick turnaround due to no sizing Cannot be comfortably worn year round
Used after high school to put high school memorabilia in Not ideal for warmer climates
Everyone always needs a bag   Usually cannot be worn after high school
Made in the U.S.A   Long wait times due to sizing
Lower cost ($190+)   Higher cost (some costing $400+)
Cons:  Most are made outside of the U.S.A
Doesn’t keep you warm


Those are just a few of the most important pros/cons.  But ultimately, it comes down to which one makes more sense for you and your student!  They’ve put in the work, so now there is a new option available as the perfect showcase.

The worst case would be to do nothing at all with their Varsity letter.  These are their accomplishments, their memories—and of course, our memories as well!  Memories that should be cherished for a lifetime!

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